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Marine Veterinary Medicine

southern stingray gliding through waters in Grand Cayman

Aquatic Animal Medicine and Conservation Resources

An expanding array of resources are available for those wanting to learn more and become engaged with aquatic and marine animal medicine and conservation. Professional organizations often offer conferences and support for advanced training and credentialing, as well as networking with others working in the aquatic field. In recent years, there has been considerable growth in the number of high quality public aquaria and oceanaria, as well as non-profit rehabilitation facilities that can provide further training in the form of externships and internships - even job opportunities. An array of short-term workshops and courses, both on site and online, can be explored for introductory experiences in aquatic medicine and conservation. Many specialty organizations are also emerging that provide platforms for focus on particular species or ecosystems.

Aquatic Externship Courses

snorkeling with sea turtle in costal waters

University Academic Programs

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underwarter scene with stingray, dolphin, turtle, maps, and coral

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