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MARVET Externship Participant Logistics and Requirements

The unique MARVET externship offers an opportunity for selected participants to get out of the classroom and experience hands-on activities with a variety of marine animals. Participants must be qualified for international travel, be strong swimmers, and be resilient to real-time schedule changes.

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Participants must be comfortable with domestic and international travel and are responsible for arranging their travel to the externship location, although some travel guidance and logistics will be provided before you finalize travel plans. In-country ground transportation to and from externship events will be provided by MARVET. All MARVET Roatán participants are required to purchase travel insurance for their trip. We encourage all non-U.S. MARVET Florida participants to consider international travel insurance. Course coordinators will suggest possible vendors offering travel insurance packages (or these may be available through the respective universities).

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Swimming Capabilities

The pace of the workshop can be both mentally and physically demanding. All students must be strong swimmers, comfortable in the water, and acquainted with the use of snorkel gear (mask, snorkel, fins). In-water experiences may range from marine facility pools to coastal waters. There may be optional activities, not included in the tuition, for other aquatic animal activities.

There are no scuba activities as a part of the externship, although good diving opportunities are available in the region for those interested in taking advantage of this before or after the workshop. The free day off during the externship can also be used to relax, shop, snorkel/scuba or participate in various sightseeing opportunities in the region.

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With the exception of a few MARVET-sponsored meals, MARVET Florida participants will be responsible for their own meals during the workshop since preferences vary and a range of selections are available. Coordinators will offer suggestions for food safety and dining options. For MARVET Roatan participants, three meals per day are included in the tuition package.

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While veterinary school schedules are generally very structured and predictable, MARVET externship activities can be impacted by weather events or logistical considerations at the hosting facilities, resulting in schedule rearrangements in real time. Students must be resilient and adaptable to schedule changes that can occur under field conditions.

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Workshop Enrollment

Workshop enrollment is limited to accommodate logistics and to better assure active student participation and personal attention during the course. Applications will be followed by an email from MARVET with information on next steps in completing the application.

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For those invited to attend the externship following the application period, course tuition can be paid in full or, alternatively, a deposit can hold your place. However, tuition must be paid in full before the start of the externship according to the dates provided. Instructions for this process, along with dates, deposit amount and final payment date will be sent to invited applicants by email.