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Marine Veterinary Medicine

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Conservation Medicine

Conservation medicine is an emerging discipline exemplifying the One Health theme that encompasses a broad range of clinical and non-clinical professional interventions, examining links between human, animal and ecosystem health.

The practice of CM can involve:

  • traditional clinical preventative protocols, diagnoses and therapies as performed daily by animal care staffs in managed care facilities such as oceanaria and aquaria
  • clinical diagnoses and treatments for rehabilitation of sick or injured free-ranging species, such as in animal rescue facilities
  • research specimen and data collections and analyses to better understand the dynamics of, and threats to, populations and their ecosystems
  • collaboration with other professionals, such as physicians, public health personnel, biologists, ecologists, sociologists, economists and policy makers for the formulation of rational and effective conservation policy plans that address the root causes of disease and dysfunction at the level of populations and ecosystems

One Health symbol hand holding world frog leaves

MARVET introduces participants to clinical and conservation medicine practices in the context of marine species, aquaria and natural aquatic ecosystems.

For those with an interest in land-based explorations of conservation medicine, Conservet offers an opportunity to investigate One Health concepts from the perspectives of multiple wild and domestic species co-existing within the montane forests and small farms of Costa Rica.

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